Considering Becoming Pregnant?

The goal of a preconception checkup is to find things that could affect your pregnancy. Identifying these issues before you get pregnant can lead to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. We address issues regarding diet and lifestyle, your medical and family history, medications you take, and any past pregnancies. The first 8 weeks of pregnancy are essential to the baby growing inside you. The baby’s major organs and body systems have begun to form even before you know you are pregnant. Here’s a list of simple actions you can take prior to becoming pregnant.

  • Start a prenatal vitamin. These contain vitamins and minerals you will need before and during your pregnancy, most importantly folic acid and iron.
  • Make sure you consume at least 400mcg of folic acid daily in your diet or in a prenatal vitamin.
  • Eat enough foods with iron as you need it to make extra blood needed to supply oxygen to the baby.
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs during pregnancy can be harmful to your baby.
  • Be careful to stay away from toxic substances such as lead or mercury, chemicals such as pesticides or solvents, or radiation.
  • There are such a variety of prescription and over the counter medications that women take. Please talk to your doctor about which ones are safe in pregnancy.
  • Striving for a normal weight before you get pregnant will reduce your risk of common complications like diabetes during pregnancy, preeclampsia or high blood pressure, and delivery complications.


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