Infertility Management

Most couples (approximately 85%) will get pregnant within one year of trying. Only an additional 7% of couples will conceive in the second year. Because of this, infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant within 12 months of trying without any form of contraception.  This affects about 15% of all couples. Our general rule is to seek out help if you have not gotten pregnant after trying for one year. There are exceptions to this rule, but in general, this applies to most couples.

Our clinic offers a full scope of evaluation for infertility as well as reproductive solutions for individuals and families. We perform a full evaluation for our patients. We want to help our patients understand their medical options, make important decisions and manage the emotional stress that accompanies infertility. The treatment options we offer include Clomid and Letrozole. To compliment these treatments, we also offer follicle studies and artificial insemination.

If there is a point where further testing and more aggressive treaments are needed such as injectables or In Vitro Fertilization, we partner with local reproductive doctors to get you the service you need and deserve.