Our Providers

Megan McEllistrem, DO, FACOG


University Attended:
Bachelor’s degree from St Catherine’s College
Medical school in Kansas City, MO
Residency at UMN Medical School


About Me:

After graduating from high school and college, I began adventuring. I learned to white water raft in Colorado, I spent a night in a shelter at a park in the Porcupine Mountains while tornados passed overhead, I backpacked Europe (12 countries in 2 months) with my twin sister and two best friends, I biked down a Volcano in Hawaii at sunrise, I zip-lined thought Costa Rica, I let a sea lion lick my leg in the Galápagos Islands.  I performed no less than 50 pelvic exams in a scorching hot exam room in Honduras with Dr. Waschbusch. I took 12 medical students to Ghana to run a hospital and surgical ward. I have deep sea fished countless times with zero success, I snorkeled off the Belizean coast with sharks and a dolphin pod in the middle of the ocean, and there has been countless adventures between. I like fun.


After graduating from St Catherine’s College, I attended medical school in Kansas City, MO. I completed a grueling residency at the University of Minnesota. I have been board certified since 2011 and became an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School.  I regularly take on medical students and residents to help train the next generation of physician dedicated to the highest level of care for patients.


Why I Went Into This Field:
My greatest interests in medicine are the long term relationships I get to have with my patients.  I very much enjoy all areas of obstetrics, including high risk pregnancies.  I love minimally invasive surgical procedures and in general am very glad to be a part of your care.