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Reetu Syal, MD, FACOG


University Attended: St. Thomas



While at St. Thomas my original major was accounting.  I had just finished two years of accounting when one day, I was dragged to a genetics lecture by my roommate.  She wouldn’t go alone so I accompanied her.  Dr. Hartung spoke about “calico cats and genetics”.  All I heard was that biology and genetics are awesome.  The next day I changed my major to biology, finished in two years and went to the University of MN medical school.  I met my husband in anatomy class.  I went to a lecture about smoking in pregnancy, and it was at that moment I knew I wanted to take care of women, from the beginning of life to the end.  After finishing residency here in the Twin Cities, I joined Partners OB-Gyn in 2003.


Why I Went Into This Field:

I love educating my patients.  The human body is amazing and complicated, but very predictable, and it all makes sense.  I cannot share my skills with patients, but I can share my knowledge with them and because of this most of my time is spent drawing pictures, educating, and explaining why things are happening.  Patients make better decisions when they are educated.


The best part about my job is also the greatest honor:  I am being invited into the lives of my patients, into their health, and into their unique stories.  I cherish this part of my job.  This is what drives me.