LEEP Procedure for Cervical Abnormalities

For treatment of precancerous changes in the cervix

We will continue to do the LEEP (loop electrical excision procedure) as we have for years in the office for treatment of precancerous changes in the cervix. Under local anesthesia, the center of the tip of the cervix is removed by a wire loop that is connected to an electrosurgical cautery unit. It is nearly painless and takes only a few minutes, not much longer than a colposcopy appointment. A colposcopy is recommended after certain pap smear abnormalities and is done by looking through a magnifying scope and often taking biopsies to determine if precancerous changes are present. A LEEP is successful 90% of the time in eradicating the precancerous changes and normalizing the pap smear. Most activities can continue as normal with the exception of heavy lifting, strenuous aerobic exercise or intercourse for two weeks to reduce the risk of bleeding.