Clinic Policies

Ultrasound Policy

For the efficiency, focus, and safety of our sonographers, only one person (age 18 or older) is allowed to accompany the patient during ultrasound appointments. Other guests may wait in the reception area and may be allowed to view the obstetric ultrasound images after the scan, should time permit. Please ensure that you bring appropriate supervision for any children under age 18 if they accompany you to your appointment. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the ultrasound appointment if these conditions cannot be met.

Patient in Lab Policy

Federal Laboratory Regulations mandate that patients are the only guests allowed in the laboratory service area. If you have a guest with you, you will need to go to the laboratory alone. Guests over age 18 can accompany you to your examination room or remain in the waiting area.

Please bring a chaperone if you are bringing children under age 18 with you. If you do not have a chaperone with you to watch your children, please evaluate if they are old enough to be alone for a few minutes while you go to the laboratory area. When you are finished in the laboratory, they can accompany you to the examination room. However, your children must be closely supervised at all times. If your newborn/child/children are too young to remain in the lobby area unsupervised, there may be no option but to have them near you in the laboratory. We can place their infant seat just to the side in the laboratory and have older children stand just outside the laboratory area.

Children in Examination Room Policy

Should children accompany you into your examination room, they must be closely supervised. There are necessary instruments and chemicals in the examination rooms that may harm children if not supervised. If the children distract from your examination and we have concerns about safety, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment when you can return to the clinic without the children or with a chaperone. Our primary concern is to abide by regulations, ensure all guest safety, and provide you with quality care when you come to Partners OB/GYN.

Insurance Policy

Our physicians deliver care at St. John’s Hospital, Woodwinds Hospital, and United Hospital. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to ensure that you are covered by your insurance company at the hospital where you will be receiving care. It is also your responsibility to call your insurance company and notify them of your delivery date, generally done in the first 3 months of your pregnancy (first trimester of pregnancy). Please contact our business office if you have any questions.

Disability Forms (FMLA) Policy

In general, we follow the following guidelines:

  • Obstetrics: 6 weeks postpartum
  • Surgical: Determined by the surgeon

The disability forms should be mailed, faxed, or delivered to our office: “Attention Surgery Scheduling” within 1 week of delivery or surgical procedure. Please submit all your forms at the same time. Your forms will be completed within 7 days of receiving the forms. Forms can be picked up, mailed to your home address, or faxed to your employer/insurance company. A copy of the forms will be included in your records in the event that you require duplicate forms at a later time.